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Globally United has been working in Syria, Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon since 2012. The organisation has also been assisting in the Rohingya crisis since 2014, and has also provided assistance to refugees across Europe. We are a UK registered non-profit organisation. 

The organisation is made up of a team of volunteers only, founded by producer Yasmin Al Tellawy after witnessing the atrocities in Syria. 
We are a small organisation that has been doing hands on work; reaching areas that have been inaccessible for large NGO's. We work on the ground, with the locals and purchase our goods (when possible) from local suppliers which keeps the economy running in each area. We work on a 100% donation to the cause basis meaning 100% of your donation is used towards the work we do. no salaries, no expenses deducted. All of our volunteers who make up the organisation fund any expenses personally. 

We try to assist predominantly with long term self sustainable aid but do assist greatly with medical supplies, nourishment and hygiene where needed. 

Our projects include protection and assistance for widows from the war in Syria, victims of rape, sexual abuse, forced prostitution are all offered support in a private caring environment. We assist with premature neonatal care, emergency medical and nourishment aid. 
We work on water supplies; creating water wells in areas that need it most in Syria and for the Rohingya communities.
We also work in education for under 16's, and creating jobs for those who need it most and much more. 
All of our projects are built around the concept of setting up self sustainable aid. 

Due to the dangers of where we work we try to limit our public information of our volunteers for the safety of those working with and for us as there are high risks in the areas that we work. If you wish to know more details about our teams please contact us privately. 
We are made up of a team of psychologists, doctors, aid workers and others from various backgrounds who just care about humanity. 

We are currently working on our new website and will have a lot more to share soon. In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Whatsapp: 00447531794024

Globally United
75 Shelton Street,
(no drop off donations - donations are only accepted with shipping charges also covered to reduce our costs as we purchase locally to avoid shipping & customs charges)


You can make a donation via paypal or direct via bank transfer.

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SORT CODE: 20-62-27

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